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250 m2 area, which started production in the foundry industry, and the quality of the products that our company has become the preferred company in the industry all the time. Do not compromise on quality and timely delivery of products to our company policy of continuous self-renew and thus could make new investments.

Closed area of ​​1000m2 site in 2001 casters continue to produce quality policy followed by the company and customer satisfaction achievements sayesindeki Konya Organized Industrial Zone in 2011 to operate the new facility. Currently, the annual casting capacity of 6500 tons with a single shift working in a production of 2500 tons annually.

Our company is the production of knowledge and experience acquired in the past in 2013, 5 thousand tons / year aims to.

Past and present cast in supplying services to almost every sector, our company aims to continue to produce this kind of continuing policy.

Quality Certificates

Vana Sektörü

Valve Industry

Otomotiv Sektörü

Automotive Industry

Makine Sektörü

Machinery Industry

Tekstil Sektörü

Textile Industry

İnşaat Sektörü

Construction Industry